Monday, December 29, 2008

Seattle vs. Fargo

The biggest rivalry in HOF hit a new high this season, as $20 in GCs are on the line between Seattle and Fargo. $10 for best regular season record, and $10 for whoever makes it the farthest in the playoffs.

So how do they stack up?? Let's break it down by position:


Frank Kojima/Carl Turner vs. Daniel Hardy/Ignacio James

Advantage: Push


Ray Perez vs. Matt Peterson

Advantage: Push


Gabe Maas vs. Miguel Vargas

Advantage: Seattle


Vince Schneider vs. Brad Borders

Advantage: Push


Julio James vs. Andy Hynes

Advantage: Seattle


Jolbert Trajano vs. Wil Dingman

Advantage: Seattle


Ebenezer Hartman vs. Deivi Cueto

Advantage: Fargo


Greg Reese vs. Aramis Lee

Advantage: Seattle


Midre Escobar vs. Elrod Martin

Advantage: Fargo


Torey Crespo vs. Peter Kobayashi

Advantage: Fargo


Victor Matos vs. Alex Bonilla

Advantage: Fargo


Mac Richard vs. Lance Gardner

Advantage: Push


Sid Evans vs. Daryl Page

Advantage: Push


Donatello Stock vs. Eric Gagne

Advantage: Seattle


Mark Kirkland vs. Ben DuBose

Advantage: Seattle

6-4 Seattle with 5 even spots. All I know is that this is gonna be a close race...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sche0707's Grand Playoff Predictions


Louisville Flying Squirrles vs
Honolulu Erupting Volcanoes

As the records suggest these are two evenly matched teams, but Honolulu's starting pitching is better and I predict a 3-2 series win for Honolulu.

Iowa City Hammerin' Hawkeyes vs New Orleans ferocious fish

Lacking Kris Martin for
New Orleans due to a big injury hurts so I have to pick Don Mecir's Hawkeyes' in a 3-1 series win.

Fargo Red Peppers vs Honolulu Erupting Volcanoes

The extra elite starting pitcher that Fargo has pays off plus Fargo is better offensively but Bernie Hearn picks up one game and Honolulu gets another some where and it's a close series 3-2 Fargo

Seattle Thundering Seapups vs Iowa City Hammerin' Hawkeyes

This would look to be a low scoring series in two pitcher parks which means to me that bullpens are the difference and I see the two as even with a slight edge to Seattle. 3-1 Seattle.

Fargo Red Peppers vs Seattle Thundering Seapups

Sche0707 vs Hatt11 in a battle that has more on the line then just a trip to the WS. On paper Fargo has a better pitching staff and a better lineup. However Seattle was the only team to sweep Fargo during the season which hold a lot of weight in my opinion. 4-3 Seattle. In Game seven Torey Crespo turns in a lack luster preformance of 7 IP 4 ER and a loss.


Baltimore Deep-fried Oreos vs Kansas City Blue Meanies

I think KC is just too good here even without
William McNally. Stuffy Young wins 2 games in a 3-2 series win for KC.

Oklahoma City Frog Armies vs Boise Stuffed Spuds

OKC was laughed at when they boldly predicted a repeat when they seemed out of it in May but after a change in Managers OKC is looking good. With thier strong staff and run surpressing ballpark OKC is hard to beat in the playoffs that's why I see a 3-1 series win in thier furture. Not to take away anything from Mateo Cruz but he isn't enough this time.

Monterrey Fighting Chili vs Kansas City Blue Meanies

Monterrey and KC continue a fight that was waged all season for first in the NL South I see the depth of Monterrey being just too much for KC and they win in 5 games 3-2 Monterrey.

Portland Pious Pugilists vs Oklahoma City Frog Armies

This shapes up to be the mother of all pitching duels with 5 runs scored in 5 games or something like that. Portland has the better staff on a whole but I like OKC's top end starters in matchups if OKC can have it's best matchup against Portlands best. OKC wins in 5 games 3-2.

Monterrey Fighting Chili vs Oklahoma City Frog Armies

OKC's run hits a wall here Monterrey has the offence to beat them and does in a 4-2 series win.


Monterrey Fighting Chili vs Seattle Thundering Seapups

I think that Monterrey has the high end starting pitching that would match up against anyone and a scarcy offence that beats Seattle more than not. The only question in my mind is whether this is a 4-2 or 4-1 series win. I think Hatt's team pulls out 2 games in the end 4-2 Monterrey.

Friday, October 31, 2008

WS Odds

At heart I'm a Degenerate Gambler so I decided to post world series odds for the top 6 contenders in my eyes.

Fargo Red Peppers 4-1 Leading the AL in Runs against and Run scored is a hell of a feat and with a playoff rotation of Torey Crespo Victor Matos and Mac Richard the pitching should be better.

Kansas City Blue Meanies 5-1 Only because they seem to have a harder route to the WS than Fargo their pitching is the best in the league and we all know pitching wins in playoffs.

Boise Stuffed Spuds 6-1 Out of the top 3 teams they probably have the best bullpen couple that with Mateo Cruz and I wouldn't want to face them in a Game 7.

Monterrey Fighting Chili 9-1 In the standings they are better than Boise but they would currently have a extra short series and those are something to be avoided even if you are the better team.

Seattle Thundering Seapups 10-1 Hatt's team could be a force to be reckoned with if young super stars Miguel Vargas and Aramis Lee get hot. The second best pitching staff in the AL doesn't hurt either, they also swept Fargo earlier this season the only team to do so this season.

Iowa City Hammerin' Hawkeyes 12-1 One reason Don Mecir although it's not like he does not have a good team around him but the favorite for the AL MVP is such a beast he could carry the team to the WS Barry Bonds style and once you are there any thing can happen.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TGI Wednesday - Isaac Clarke Will Save You

Well it's technically still Wednesday, so here is the weekly rundown of our beloved HOF. This week we profile our newest member, examine what has wasted so much of my time the last couple days, and check in on our 2nd winner of the team of the week award. So without any more stalling, here ya go!

New Owner Updaete!

Player Profile - pstrnutbag44

Team: Oklahoma City Frog Armies

Record: 20-26

Supposed Broad Age Range: 25-34

Supposed Location: California...

So pstrnutbag44 is the newest addition to the HOF family, replacing dudejustice, and vowing to bring the defending champs back to glory. With the loss of key prospects to the Rule 5 draft, the Frog Armies will be a challenge for nutbag, but something makes me believe he has what it takes. I mean he's got Artie Townsend, so he should at least win every 5th game.

Isaac is F'd

I've been a little sidetracked for the past couple days, and it's all because of Dead Space. I know I may sound like a bit of a game nerd here, but this has gotta be the game of the year so far. As much as I loved GTA4, Dead Space just has an overall awesome feel to it. Not only is it amazingly satisfying to dismember alien zombies, but I've actually jumped quite a few times when something crashes through the wall right in front of me, or I'm suddenly grabbed from behind by who knows what. If you've got a 360 or PS3, this is definitely a must own.

Don't just listen to my humble opinion, check out this vid:

Dead Space - Video by James Wan

Team of the Week

This week it's another 18-3 run for our HOFTOW, but it's not Boise this time, it's...

The Fargo Red Peppers!

After being a close runner up last week, Fargo conquered Boise and a couple others for the top spot in week 2. Thanks to studs like Torey Crespo and Victor Matos, Fargo has to be on the early short list of WS favorites, and if they can keep up runs like they had this week, 110 wins isn't out the question.

That's it for this week, check in next week as we should have an interview with one of the top league owners.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TGI Wednesday - Big Tuna edition

Barring an unforeseen bullhonkey, this is where you'll be weekly to find some relevant but mostly unnecessary info regarding HOF world and all kinds of other irrelevant fun. Without further ado, here's our first rundown.

We're getting a new member!

With the unfortunate impending departure of dudejustice comes the excitement of a new owner to our exclusive 32 member union. But who will it be? I took an ad out in the HBD classifieds, but I doubt we find an owner who not only likes long walks on the beach, but also enjoys death metal and subscribes to Cat Fancy magazine. I'm thinking our target demographic looks something like this, but I guess we'll settle for what we can get on such short notice.

Next week we should have a special profiling of the new, yet to be named, member. Stay tuned.

Best way to (don't say waste) 35 minutes

This is quite possibly the greatest feat of mankind in the youtube era. Not only does it prove the stupidity of young urban white kids, but it provides proof that American's are ever so durable, as I doubt more than 10 of these people actually died during filming!


Team of the week

I'll end each week's updaete with a blurb about the team with the week's best record. That would include the last 21 games, and if there is a tie, I'll probably just pick a team at random out of the 32...

So for the past week, this award goes to...

With an 18-3 record in their last 21 games, bodean's crew has already pushed their division lead to 7 games ahead of the 14-11 Syracuse Syrupy Syrphids. Led by slugger Emmanuel Rivera, Boise has stormed out the gate, leaving sche0707 remarkably silent (at least for a couple seconds) as he has recently faded to an unfortunate 19-6 record, with Fargo losing 6 times in their last 21. Runners up include Fargo, Seattle, and of course, Alburquerque.

That's it for this week, check back in another 21 games.