Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TGI Wednesday - Big Tuna edition

Barring an unforeseen bullhonkey, this is where you'll be weekly to find some relevant but mostly unnecessary info regarding HOF world and all kinds of other irrelevant fun. Without further ado, here's our first rundown.

We're getting a new member!

With the unfortunate impending departure of dudejustice comes the excitement of a new owner to our exclusive 32 member union. But who will it be? I took an ad out in the HBD classifieds, but I doubt we find an owner who not only likes long walks on the beach, but also enjoys death metal and subscribes to Cat Fancy magazine. I'm thinking our target demographic looks something like this, but I guess we'll settle for what we can get on such short notice.

Next week we should have a special profiling of the new, yet to be named, member. Stay tuned.

Best way to (don't say waste) 35 minutes

This is quite possibly the greatest feat of mankind in the youtube era. Not only does it prove the stupidity of young urban white kids, but it provides proof that American's are ever so durable, as I doubt more than 10 of these people actually died during filming!


Team of the week

I'll end each week's updaete with a blurb about the team with the week's best record. That would include the last 21 games, and if there is a tie, I'll probably just pick a team at random out of the 32...

So for the past week, this award goes to...

With an 18-3 record in their last 21 games, bodean's crew has already pushed their division lead to 7 games ahead of the 14-11 Syracuse Syrupy Syrphids. Led by slugger Emmanuel Rivera, Boise has stormed out the gate, leaving sche0707 remarkably silent (at least for a couple seconds) as he has recently faded to an unfortunate 19-6 record, with Fargo losing 6 times in their last 21. Runners up include Fargo, Seattle, and of course, Alburquerque.

That's it for this week, check back in another 21 games.

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